Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is set in lush tropical gardens edging a white sand beach. A secluded romantic getaway for travelers who want a casual resort and love the sounds of the ocean!

Ylang Ylang has over 20 bungalow and glamping rooms spread throughout the property.

The meaning of Ylang Ylang [ee-lang – ee-lang]:
It is a yellow tropical flower, originally from Indonesia, that is known to promote creativity, sensuality, and exuberance. There are a few Ylang Ylang trees around the resort grounds.

Lenny & Patricia Iacono, the owners of Ylang Ylang Beach Resort & Sano Banano Beachside Hotel (The Healthy Banana) have been living in Costa Rica since the late 1970’s. They acquired a beautiful beach front property after their wedding in 1981, and set out to live off the fat of the land, tropical style.

Fruit trees were planted, gardens were sown and shortly after their two children were born, Moraya & Syska.

Making a living at that time consisted of hard, physical labor and lots of experimentation and determination. It turned out that drying the excess fruit was the most profitable labor at the time, using only the heat of the sun, as there was no electricity.

In 1989 electricity came to town and new opportunities abounded. With the small but adequate income saved from drying fruit, they purchased a small lot in the village center of Montezuma and created a natural foods restaurant called Sano Restaurant (The Healthy Banana).

The first of its kind in Costa Rica, it took off and quickly became the meeting center for travelers from around the world. From the very beginning it established its excellent reputation for serving delicious fresh, homemade foods. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served 7 days a week and every night a different movie was on display for all to enjoy.


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